Our Company

Since 1851, woodwork has been our family business and since the beginning we direct our efforts towards quality, precision, competitiveness and punctuality.

In the last years the productive activities have been remarkably developed and perfected.

The Company has been consolidated thanks to the increasing of machinery and the introduction of advanced systems.

Since February 2007 we are certificated FSC® (License Code: FSC-C019001) by CSI SpA (Certificate number ICILA-COC-000161) therefore, we are able to realize all the items listed in the "products" section, with 100% FSC certified beech wood.

Thanks to a special care to solve specific problems we achieved very important goals and we can assure our customers an elevated degree of reliability and quality.

Our Company manufactures articles for furniture, costume jewellery, fashion accessories, gift items, household goods and toys, hobby items, car and perfume accessories, caps for cork stoppers.


Automatic wood-turning lathes, moulding machines, pantograph.

1 Automatic wood turning-lathe -working
2 Automatic wood turning-lathe -working
3 Pack turned
4 CNC milling
5 Moulding machine working